To my beloveds,

(you know who you are)

I haven’t written anything remotely good in the past year and this was not the piece I intended to begin with, see I have all these messy webs of stories, poems, essays about pandemic, about all the new people I got to…

A Letter to Uncle and Aunty from a 10 pm Cinderella

Dear Uncle and Aunty,
I need to tell you a few things, and I’m trying, my full potential to
put this as polite as it can be
Your son called me slut, a whore, a skank, a prostitute and…

You came into my life

When there was room for none.

I barely had any space enough for myself

And yet you wiggled,

Nudged your way through

And never once complained

About all the rickety furniture

Messily scattered,Some even broken

Left behind by uncaring tenants and acquaintances

You let me deal with them at my own pace

You molded yourself into walls ,when foot squares were full

Seeped through the cracks dusted aside

the powdery plaster

And made it

Your home.


All of us walk carefully on this high tight rope called life and somewhere along the lines we became convinced that we should feel loyal to a country, behave according to a religion, subscribe to a culture, catch hold of a job , to swipe right to…

March stayed a little too long this year.As does the slight nip in the air.I waited for April, so I would finally be a year older ,so that I could leave the sum of all my previous years behind , to start again.

There is something about birthday you know…

If you are someone like me just beginning to crossover the last teen year, trying to navigate your way through half done college assignments and deadlines, trying to save money to spend on things you’ve always wanted and constantly questioning your existence and potential to yourself, lamenting about how true…

Kirthana Raj

Party true...Mostly Fiction, a walking contradiction.Learning things ,Taking Notes.

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